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so, my real question about ‘hannibal’ is - TIME MANAGEMENT. how does he do it all??? he’s got a patient practice, the consulting position with the FBI, he regularly serves dinners that represent a day’s work, his own private meals must take at minimum an hour each, he…



The federal government had been removing Bundy’s cattle and impounding them in a corral in nearby Mesquite, NV, because the rancher has kept his more than 900 head of cattle on a piece of 600,000-acre federal land for the past two decades and has refused to pay taxes since 1993, when the federal government increased the grazing fees in order to save critical habitat for the endangered Mojave Desert tortoise…

…Bundy does not have such a permit because he doesn’t want to pay federal taxes on land he says belongs to the state of Nevada. However, the private rancher hasn’t removed his livestock from the federal land, which was an option he could have pursued in order to not pay the federal fee, which costs about $1.35 per cow-calf pair per month.

These people are essentially terrorists: a group using violence and threats of violence to achieve political aims.  They also epitomize the worst elements of neo-conservativism- ie, a bunch of ignorant-ass anarchists who want all the benefits of the government without having to abide by any laws that they don’t like- so naturally they’re being championed by the talk show nutjobs of the right wing.

Really it is batshit insane that people are allowed to get away with this kind of armed rebellion against the law and government.  We live in a country where you can be viciously beaten and arrested for participating in a peaceful protest (which is protected by the Constitution, fyi) but a bunch of crackers can arm themselves and threaten violence against government agents who are enforcing a lawful court order and the government is like “oh, okay.”  I can appreciate that the Bureau of Land Management decided this nonsense wasn’t worth killing anyone over.  All human lives, even the lives of selfish, amoral shitkickers like Cliven Bundy, have value.

But I can’t help thinking that if this had been a group of black separatists, or (God help them) a bunch of Muslims out there waving their firearms and threatening to shoot federal officials, the government would have shot all the cattle and carpet bombed the entire ranch before the first news crew got there.





When it comes to cooking, not everyone is at the same skill level

*gordon ramsay voice* what the fuck is this


Gentle reminder that we all make dumb mistakes. Take a picture, laugh at yourself, and try to salvage your kitchen before the fires spread. 




"Hello sir, I’d like to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative…"




"Hello sir, I’d like to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative…"


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Hedwig and the Angry Inch's fake 'Hurt Locker the Musical' playbill 

To set up the illusion that ‘Hedwig’ is a one-off performance, the audience is led to believe that ‘Hurt Locker’ was in the theater and has closed after one show. These programs are littered on the floor.

I’d go see that. Look at the cast.

(NY Daily News)

I swore I was going to be productive today but instead I just sat around in my pajamas and read fanfiction.
A novel by Me (via rock-it-surgeon)


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HEY HEY HEY HEYYYYYYYY MY FAVORITE QUEER DRUNK ASSHOLE POET TURNED 450 TODAY (and let me tell you, there is a lot of competition for the title “favorite queer drunk asshole poet”)

BUT as we all know, there is some controversy…


Just had a conversation with my mother about how I’m generally queer, not genderqueer, and basically she’s spent the last year or so being super supportive about wrong thing

This has been a PSA on enunciating when you come out




As women, when we’re children we’re taught to enter the world with big hearts. Blooming hearts. Hearts bigger than our damn fists. We are taught to forgive - constantly - as opposed to what young boys are taught: Revenge, to get ‘even.’ Our empathy is constantly made appeals to, often demanded for. If we refuse to show kindness, we are reprimanded. We are not good women if we do not crush our bones to make more space for the world, if we do not spread our entire skin over rocks for others to tread on, if we do not kill ourselves in every meaning of the word in the process of making it cozy for everyone else. It is the heat generated by the burning of our bodies with which the world keeps warm. We are taught to sacrifice so much for so little. This is the general principle all over the world.

By the time we are young women, we are tired. Most of us are drained. Some of us enter a lock of silence because of that lethargy. Some of us lash out. When I think of that big, blooming heart we once had, it looks shriveled and worn out now. When I was teaching, I had a young student named Mariam. She was only 11 years old. Some boy pushed her around in class, called her names, broke her spirit for the day. We were sitting under a chestnut tree on a field trip and she asked me if a boy ever hurt me. I told her many did and I destroyed them one by one. I think that’s the first time she ever heard the word ‘destroyed.’ We rarely teach our girls to fight back for the right reasons.

Take up more space as a woman. Take up more time. Take your time. You are taught to hide, censor, move about without messing up decorum for a man’s comfort. Whether it’s said or not, you’re taught balance. Forget that. Displease. Disappoint. Destroy. Be loud, be righteous, be messy. Mess up and it’s fine – you are learning to unlearn. Do not see yourself like glass. Like you could get dirty and clean. You are flesh. You are not constant. You change. Society teaches women to maintain balance and that robs us of our volatility. Our mercurial hearts. Calm and chaos. Love only when needed; preserve otherwise.

Do not be a moth near the light; be the light itself. Do not let a man’s ocean-big ego swallow you up. Know what you want. Ask yourself first. Decide your own pace. Decide your own path. Be cruel when needed. Be gentle only when needed. Collapse and then re-construct. When someone says you are being obscene, say yes I am. When they say you are being wrong, say yes I am. When they say you are being selfish, say yes I am. Why shouldn’t I be? How do you expect a woman to stand on her two feet if you keep striking her at the ankles.

There are multiple lessons we must teach our young girls so that they render themselves their own pillars instead of keeping male approval as the focal point of their lives. It is so important to state your feelings of inconvenience as a woman. We are instructed to tailor ourselves and our discomfort - constantly told that we are ‘whining’ and ‘nagging’ and ‘complaining too much.’ That kind of silence is horribly violent, that kind of insistence upon uniformly nodding in agreement to your own despair, and smiling emptily so no man is ever uncomfortable around us. Male-entitlement dictates a woman’s silence. If we could see the mimetic model of the erasure of a woman’s voice, it would be an incredibly bloody sight.

On a breezy July night, my mother and I were sleeping under the open sky. Before dozing off, I told her that I think there is a special place in heaven where all wounded women bury their broken hearts and their hearts grow into trees that only give fruit to the good and poison to the bad. She smiled and said Ameen. Then she closed her eyes.

A Woman of War by Mehreen Kasana (via saucymerbabe)
Be the person H.Y.D.R.A. would see as a threat.
a thought i had this morning driving to school (via poseysposey)
Part of me wants to drop out of college and go travel the world.
Part of me wants to work really hard in college and change the world.
Part of me wants to not work hard at all and marry some rich guy.
And the other 97% of me just wants to sleep.